Medical Assessments

Part of being an effective clinician is to ‘rule out underlying medical conditions.’ 

Have you ever had a therapist ask you questions about your physical health, ailments, pains, and medical past?

Marianne Riley Psychotherapy, LLC., is committed to helping treat the WHOLE body; not just your thoughts and behaviors.

What is a Medical Assessment?

A medical assessment is sort of similar to that of going in for a check-up at the doctors. Usually your doctor will ask about any physical symptoms such as fatigue, pain, nausea, etc. This is very similar. Marianne Riley Psychotherapy will work with you closely to identify any physical complaints and assess what types of blood work, doctors, and further resources you may need.

While, we don’t draw blood on site, we will give you a slip that you can take to your doctor for blood work. Additionally, we will connect you with providers and specialists in the community to help serve you.

We are not doctors, we are more like a ‘Liaison’ to help assess and then give you the resources you need for further treatment.

For instance, you may be asked questions like:

  • are you often tired? fatigue? sleepy?
  • how many cups of coffee do you drink per day?
  • do you experience any pain in your stomach? abdomen?
  • do you experience a normal menses?
  • how often to get headaches?
  • are you dragging all day long?
  • any pain in extremities?
  • any skin irritations?

The purpose of gathering this information is to make sure we, as dedicated clinicians, are making sure to rule out any underlying medical condition that could be causing your psychological symptoms. There is growing evidence that medical conditions can have very similar symptoms to that of depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. Many medical ailments can produce fatigue, pain, and other symptoms that you may be experiencing. So, simply put, lets rule them out!

You may be given recommendations or suggestions by us such as:

  • how to reduce caffeine intake
  • how to integrate activity into your day
  • increasing water intake
  • medication management
  • how to reduce overall stress
  • and more

What does a session look like?

Medical assessments are 30-minutes. Upon arriving you will be asked a number of questions about your health, diet, and lifestyle. If any physical complaints are evident, you will be given a document to take to your doctor who will write you a slip for blood work. Next, depending on your blood work, you, the doctor, and myself will work as a team to help give you the tools and resources you need for treatment- whether that be medication from your doctor and/or cognitive approaches from us.

Disclosure: We are not doctors, we are therapists, who are trained to ‘rule out medical conditions’ that could be potentially causing psychological features. Part of being a clinician is to asses the whole person, not just the parts.


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