Nutritional Counseling

Marianne Riley, LCPC, DBTC, is currently a Holistic Nutritional Coach in-training, through AFPA.

The AFPA approach to holistic nutrition teaches their clients the art of ‘all-foods-fit’ eating. You will learn how to implement nutrition, biochemistry and lifestyle modifications to support optimal health. Nutritional counseling teaches clients how nutrition affects human lives both physically and psychologically.

Clinician’s with a Holistic Nutritional Certificate can help you with the following:

  • Serve as a coach, consultant and advisor for clients on how to identify and help correct the nutritional causes of health complaints, and design personalized lifestyle programs that optimize health
  • Basic nutritional meal planning
  • Assessing your needs for nutrition planning
  • Incorporate ‘fear food’s in an appropriate way that works for you and your body
  • Manage day to day fears around food while using cognitive approaches to help you overcome your fears around food
  • Educate clients on the basics around nutritional planning, nutrients, vitamins, macro/micros and how these work in the body and our need for them on a daily basis.
  • Education and exposure work around grocery shopping
  • Teach and practice the art of ‘Intuitive Eating’

Why do I need this?

Great question! Nutritional Counseling is helpful for those with disordered eating; restriction, binge eating, bulimia, orthorexia, and OSFED, who struggle with incorporating their daily needs due to fear of certain foods, weight gain, body changes, and overall concerns around integration of needed nutrients. Nutritional Counseling helps with basic meal planning, nutrition education, grocery store exposure, and fear food exposure, while all using cognitive and dialectical principles to help manage the challenging emotions. Nutritional Counseling also helps serve those with physical ailments due to nutrient deficiencies, concerns around nutrition, and overall navigation around meal planning and the type of fuel we need.


45-minute nutritional counseling session: $100

30-minute nutritional counseling session: $60


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